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Live Large, Shop Local

If you didn’t know already then we’ll let you in on our worst-kept secret: we love Kansas City! We love supporting, promoting, eating, drinking, buying, watching, listening to and participating in all things KC. Not only is it great for our local economy but Kansas City has so many amazing things to offer, we can’t help but try them all!

Maybe you’re already a locavore, devouring as many locally owned and produced things as you can? Or perhaps you’ve just begun dipping your toes into the Kansas City-made pool? Either way, let us introduce you to the KC Local Week Challenge.

From August 17 through August 23, you’re challenged to eat, drink and shop as locally as possible. It’s that simple. A check-in mobile app, daily events (to be announced) and a helpful resource list of local restaurants, retailers, farmer’s markets, etc make this endeavor entertaining and pretty darn easy.

Although a one week challenge can’t come close to capturing all the goods and services that Kansas City business owners have to offer, it’s a great way to explore new neighborhoods and new retailers. By the end of KC Local Week, hopefully you’ll love all things Kansas City as much as we do and start incorporating more locally owned, locally sourced and locally produced goods into your regular shopping routine.

For more information as it’s released, visit KC Local Week or follow them on Facebook.

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