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One Table at a Time

Unruh Furniture aims to help a single parent in need

There are days when—despite your best efforts—you lose a little faith in humanity. The man two steps ahead of you lets the door slam in your face, the driver of the merging SUV doesn’t give “the wave” or your boss points out your tardiness without acknowledging your previous all-nighter. And then there are days like today when you can’t help but have that faith restored in a big way.

In our May 2015 issue we introduced readers to the talented group of young men creating hand-crafted, custom home furnishings at Unruh Furniture (read article). Now this amazing team has warmed our hearts even further.

The Unruh team realizes the importance of meals being shared around a family table, the impact that a few thoughtful words like “how was your day?” can have, and the magical healing power of Mom’s homemade chicken and dumplings. That’s why they’ve begun a campaign to give a local, single parent one of their beautiful, made-from-scratch kitchen tables.

Visit to nominate a single parent today or to find out more. And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to do a good deed today too!