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Let It Snow

A dismal forecast didn’t keep this K.C. couple from tying the knot in a magical setting

When Megan Williams and Adam Goad met at the University of Kansas in 2010, their connection was instantaneous. It didn’t take long before a few hangouts turned into regular dates, then a serious partnership.

“Looking back, about a month in I remember knowing he was the one,” Williams says.

The duo dated for five years before an annual trip to the pumpkin patch took their relationship to the next level.

“We were out in the patch picking pumpkins, and I had ventured away,” Williams says. “He asked me to come back and look at a pumpkin, and that’s when he proposed. I had no clue it was going to happen.”

What Williams did know was the vision she had for their special day, which included lots of candles, neutral tones and an intimate environment.

“I knew I wanted it to be rustic and kind of vintage, because that fits both of our personalities,” Williams says. “But I never thought of having a winter wedding.”

Goad’s teaching schedule, however, made winter the prime time to get hitched, so the couple set a Dec. 17 date and started planning. Along the way, Williams tapped Nellie Sparkman of Events by Nellie to help coordinate the details of the nuptials.

“Hiring her was probably the best thing I did,” Williams says. “It was nice to have someone else in charge. That way I could relax the day of the wedding.”


The one thing Sparkman and Williams couldn’t control, however, was the weather. The forecast for Dec. 17 called for snow, ice and freezing temperatures as low as 0 to -10 degrees.



“I didn’t want it to be a blizzard, and that’s pretty much exactly what I got,” Williams says.

Although the road conditions kept some guests from attending, Williams and Goad were still able to celebrate their union with a ceremony at Basehor United Methodist Church and a reception at The Venue at Willow Creek in Kansas City, Kan.



“I was pretty upset about the weather, but then I just got over it,” Williams says. “We went outside to start taking pictures, and that’s when the snow really started to come down. It was actually kind of magical.”



The bride opted for a donut bar by Doughnut Lounge instead of a traditional cake, which she cites as one of the highlights of the reception.



“Our guests loved it,” Williams says. “It’s one of the things I still hear about the most.”

And while a winter wedding wasn’t what Williams originally envisioned for her wedding day, it provided a picturesque backdrop during a memorable moment for the newlyweds.

“Behind the dance floor was a wall of windows,” Williams says. “While we were dancing, you could see the snow falling. That was pretty cool.”