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Sitzen Upholstery and Design

Third Floor Hall

Creating your own secluded getaway—even within your own home—helps nurture a sense of a private life. This third floor hall is a lovely, out-of-the-way area to catch up with a friend by phone, read a book, or just be. It’s not too far away from the rest of the house, but out of the main zone of active family life.

This designer, known for restoring vintage upholstery, shows how texture and pattern can create a traditional space updated for easy, modern living. A serene color palette of warm greige, light taupe and soft robin’s egg blue along with small scale vintage upholstery help create the perfect, quiet, contemplative getaway. The large-scale wallpaper in a focal area creates its own art. Fabrics and trims offer great design for even modest budgets.

Credits: Light Fixtures: Wilson Lighting. Monogramming: The Monogram Shop. Wallpaper: Stroheim. Fabric: Fabricut and Trend.