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10 Years, Countless Covers—Editor Zim Loy Picks Her Favorites

2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Spaces magazine (can you believe it?!) so we’ve been thinking quite a bit about the future and remembering quite a lot about the past. For 10 years we’ve been sharing the very best that Kansas City has to offer. Thanks to our brilliant team of photographers, writers and designers, we’re dedicated to bringing you the finest in local fashion, dining, design and so much more for years to come.

Although we tend to get caught up in the bright, shiny future, we can’t forget our past. Amid the excitement over our 2015 facelift (no spoilers but you’re definitely going to want to check out our February 2015 issue!), we sat down with editor Zim Loy to get a little nostalgic. Surrounded by every issue printed over the last 10 years, we challenged her to pick her top 10 favorite covers.

#10 February/March 2005

Zim Loy: Of course this makes the list, it’s our very first issue!

Spaces_FebMarch2005 LR

#9 April/May 2006

ZL: This is a strong visual and a nice break from our usual living room or dining room image. 

Spaces_AprilMay 2006 LR

#8 June/July 2007

ZL: We got to shoot in the Bloch building before it opened which was such an honor. This photo shows off the architecture so well.

Spaces_JuneJuly2007 LR

#7 March 2008

ZL: What can I say, I just love this cover! Great art. Great furniture. Great style. 

Spaces_March2008 LR

#6 June/July 2009

ZL: Rick and Annie Zander’s second home was so wonderfully rustic; it was a real departure for us.

Spaces_JuneJuly2009 LR

#5 April 2010

ZL: Landscape designer Patrick Kappelmann has one of my favorite backyards in Kansas City.

Spaces_April2010 LR

#4 September 2011

ZL: This photo wasn’t shot with the cover in mind but we just loved the look on her face and had to use it. So charming!

Spaces_Sept2011 LR

#3 November 2012

ZL: This represents one of the many fantastic wreaths we’ve featured over the last 10 years.

Spaces_Nov2012 LR

#2 October 2013

ZL: Interior designer and contributing writer Patricia O’Dell Shackelford has a home with a very sophisticated interior.

Spaces_Oct2013 LR

#1 December 2014/January 2015

ZL: Although it’s not a photo of him, we got Nate Berkus on the cover! How great is that?

Dec14Jan15 LR