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A True Culinary Experience: Sasha’s Baking Co.

If you’re looking for delectable food, a made-from-scratch bakery and a place to have a drink with friends after work, say hello to Sasha’s Baking Co., located in the historic Cosby Hotel in downtown Kansas City.

Sasha’s opened in November 2013, the same time as The Milwaukee Delicatessen next door. Many members of the downtown council were present to show support, and still champion their efforts today in KC’s ever-improving downtown.

From the lengthy—but worthwhile—process of renovation and restoration, owners Jeremy and Michelle Schepmann now know a small business can come from something you love and that it’s possible for growth through “hard work, an excellent product, a talented staff and a common goal.” Sasha’s is their dream realized.

Many influences from the Schepmanns’ lives make Sasha’s what it is today. Kitchens from all over, including Denver, Chicago, Oakland, Paris and Kansas City. The feel of downtowns. Their architecture. Their bustle. Intuition. Creativity. But more importantly—great food that comes from a place of familiarity and comfort.

carrot cake and brown sugar roasted pineapple

Before opening, the Schepmanns took workshops from acclaimed chefs in Paris focusing on croissants and macarons. Those learnings, combined with the unbelievable food they ate while there and the ability to have beer and wine with pastries are what they wanted to bring home and provide as part of the Sasha’s experience.

“In my mind, my place would have that same kind of feel,” Schepmann thought.

baked_brie with cranberry compote wrapped in croissant dough

Cut to the summer of 2012 when everything started to fall into place. With their grand opening on November 21, 2013, they recently celebrated their one-year anniversary.

“It was a nice moment to look back at where we started, how far we had come and the possibilities of future years,” he said. “We took a small sigh of relief, as in ‘Whew! We made it through year one!’”


Sasha’s namesake comes from Jeremy’s time in Oakland, in memory of a Russian baker who fell ill and took Jeremy under his wing and showed him many of his old-world, traditional techniques.

“My time there further proved my place would someday be the centerpiece of the community,” he said.


With Valentine’s Day coming up, Sasha’s has all kind of sweets you can bring home to your loved ones, including fancy desserts and their biggest hit last year, message heart sugar cookies. There are G-rated versions parents and kids will appreciate as well as some of the more, ahem, risqué variety.

“People were pushing and shoving in line to get the last couple of trays of cookies. It was so much fun! This year, we encourage people to preorder,” said Schepmann.

king cake

Mardi Gras is also a grand time of celebration at Sasha’s. From the traditional King’s Cake to their boobs and beads cookies, Schepmann says these items showcase they’re a relaxed place, where people can laugh and get a superior product at the same time.

Sasha’s seasonal lunch menu is one for foodies, from the Muffuletta sandwich to mind-boggling gumbo, and Schepmann credits the creativity that comes from the staff.

“It’s from all of us standing in the kitchen, talking about what we feel like making next,” he said.

banana cake

His favorite part about having Sasha’s? Family and community.

“Downtown has really made a comeback and is only going to become more of a destination. We’re glad to really give people a place to come for great food and fun, familiar faces.”

Preorder your Valentine’s and Mardi Gras treats today at 816.474.9935, stop by for lunch or meet a friend for an after-work drink at Sasha’s Baking Co. Free smells included.

coffee biscotti