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You may have recently spotted Post Coffee Company mentioned in our February issue. Although busy after ringing in the new year with the grand opening of his roastery and café in Lee’s Summit, we caught up with Tanner Stevens to chat a little more about his new business.

Kansas City Spaces: Previous to this you were a co-owner of Quay Coffee in the River Market, correct?

Tanner Stevens: Yes, I was at Quay Coffee and my business partner, Levi Holland was in Syracuse, New York at Café 407.

KCS: How did you get interested in the coffee industry?

TS: I love the coffee industry because of they way it connects and engages people on a personal, local and global level. Coffee is a deep, deep rabbit hole and there is always something new to learn and explore.

KCS: What enticed you about this Lee’s Summit location?

TS: Lee’s Summit is a large, untouched area for specialty coffee in the Kansas City metro. We were fortunate to find a building complex that was being renovated and we were able to dream—from the ground up—a coffee shop that not only served specialty coffee but also created a space for people to gather and connect.

KCS: What would you like Post Coffee Co. to be known for?

TS: At Post Coffee Co., we want the customer to experience as much of the coffee process as possible. We roast all of our coffee on the café floor and have a room designed for sampling not only the coffees that we’re currently serving, but also the coffees we want to bring in. Whether by themselves or with a group of people, we want people to feel at home. Our space is designed so that people can stay and participate in more that just a typical cup of coffee.

TS: After months of running a mobile bar with no place for people to sit and stay, we are very very excited to have our café open and running.

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