Farmers National Company is a powerhouse in marketing rural property

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Farmers National Company views each property individually to determine the best way to market the property and meet the goals of its clients.
Farmers National Company views each property individually to determine the best way to market the property and meet the goals of its clients.

“Some days I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this,” said local Farmers National Company broker Bill Gaughan. In the last two weeks Gaughan had been taking out of state clients who are moving to the KC area, to look at homes in the country. “You can change or build a house to be exactly what you want”, said Gaughan, “but the difference for people wanting to move to the country is always in the land, and the land is far less open to change than a house. Because of that each country property is unique.”

“We joined Farmers National Company because no one markets rural property like they do.” Said Gaughan . Farmers National Company has set a new standard when it comes to marketing rural property. The Kansas City market has seen that difference as business has exploded since Farmers National Company the worlds largest Rural Real Estate and Agricultural services company entered the Kansas City market two years ago.

Farmers National Company has more than lived up to its reputation as a powerhouse when it comes to marketing rural property. They do not use a cookie cutter approach and view each property individually to determine the best way to market the property and meet the goals of their clients. All forms of advertising are available. Whether it is internet advertising selling properties on international websites to clients from Russia and Hong Kong, or perhaps on the websites of the NY Times, and Wall Street Journal, to classy direct mail pieces, Youtube videos and more. “The goal is to get the property sold, and it is never one size fits all”, said Gaughan

When assisting sellers marketing a property it’s a challenge for Gaughan and his colleagues at Farmers National Company to adequately convey the beauty of some of their listings. So they take advantage of Farmers National Company’s robust marketing department. “Most real estate marketing departments are devoted to marketing themselves, the marketing department at Farmers National Company is devoted to marketing the properties of our clients,” said Gaughan.

Other examples of how thorough Farmers National Company’s marketing is includes their three local websites devoted to special types of Kansas City area rural property; is dedicated to country homes and home sites, is a specialty website for horse properties, and has complete listings for Farms and Ranches. In addition Farmers National has extensive direct mail capabilities, with massive mailing lists of buyers interested in rural property. As a member of the KC MLS, all local properties can be found on any of these web sites.

But perhaps Farmers National Company is of most value representing buyers who are making their first investment in country property. For people new to living in the country they may be faced with issues they had not thought about, and which most real estate agents don’t usually deal with. Items such as septic systems, easements, building in the country, rural zoning issues, hunting rights, pond building, mineral leases, and more are all items Farmers National Company agents deal with daily. “It is always sad to see someone disappointed with their country property because they were surprised over an issue that an experienced rural agent would have known about”, said Gaughan. “We really like working with buyers moving to the country, and can usually save them both dollars and heartache.”

Farmers National is unique in that it is not a franchise system. Any client whether a buyer or seller can be comfortable knowing that the capabilities of the entire company are at their disposal and they are not limited by the resources of a local franchise operator.

“Farmers National Company measures its sales of rural property by the billions”, said Gaughan “and has been in business since 1929. No one can come close to the expertise, experience, and resources of Farmers National Company when it comes to safeguarding the interests of its clients.”

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