Rural-focused real estate team a trusted resource for clients worldwide

Information provided by Teresa Dunn and Jim Holland, Crown Realty

Teresa Dunn (left) and Jim Holland have built a successful team with Crown Realty thanks to their extensive rural real estate knowledge and willingness to help their clients smoothly transition to their next chapter.
Teresa Dunn (left) and Jim Holland have built a successful team with Crown Realty thanks to their extensive rural real estate knowledge and willingness to help their clients smoothly transition to their next chapter.

Even if everything goes according to plan, downsizing can be a stressful process. For those who own rural property, including farmland, a number of possible complexities (including land leases, mineral and water rights, and tax implications) can make a sale downright daunting.

That’s where Crown Realty’s Teresa Dunn and Jim Holland, former president of Holland Corporation, come in. Both Dunn and Holland have built their personal and professional lives in rural communities. Not only do they understand the intricacies of rural real estate; they also understand that working with buyers and sellers is a chance to do so much more than simply close a transaction.

“We like to help people transition, whether it’s into their first home, someone looking to expand or a rancher or farmer with a lot of land who wants a change, including to downsize,” Dunn said. “What we do is all about solving a problem and helping people.”

Many Midwest farms are a prime example of problem solving. Dunn said farms are often placed in trusts that are left to families and their children to help minimize tax ramifications. Yet when the time comes to sell the property, navigating the tax-related guidelines can often be confusing for a seller who doesn’t have time to keep pace with ongoing changes.

“We work with our clients and their tax professionals to offer them the best benefits on tax trust laws for their needs,” Dunn said.

This attention to detail, along with an unwavering commitment to customer service, have helped Dunn and Holland establish a reputation as a go-to real estate resource for clients as far away as Canada, Japan and Lebanon. Dunn and Holland have also had the opportunity to list some of the biggest properties in Kansas City, including the Deffenbaugh and Van Tuyl estates, and just listed an historic Overland Park home that dates back to 1910.

Yet no matter the size of the listing, Dunn and Holland understand that each sale or purchase is more than a transaction—it’s a responsibility to help clients successfully transition to their next chapter, whether that’s moving from a country home to a retirement home, trading in rural living for a city address or moving to a different part of the country.

“People are putting a lot of trust in you,” Holland said. “Usually what people are selling in rural areas is their whole life. Many of our clients are making a big transition and they’re afraid of the next step. They need someone they can trust to maximize their dollar and see the transaction through, and that’s something that we offer.”

Often, Dunn and Holland’s work continues long after the sale or purchase is complete. They both have a knack for building relationships, which helps clients feel at ease if they need additional insight or some creative problem solving later on.

“Our reach is broad and we think outside of the box, then pass that expertise on to our clients,” he said.

As Crown Realty’s first team, Dunn and Holland, along with contract specialist Debra Ring, offer 40 years of full-time real estate experience. As a result, they can help clients in a variety of situations and deliver an optimal result, even in the midst of unforeseen challenges.

“Teresa doesn’t know the word ‘no,’” Holland said with a laugh. “She can take any situation and make it work. It’s something she does so well.”

Added Dunn, “Nothing gets me more excited than having a project or problem to solve!”

In addition to building a thriving business that’s focused on helping people, Dunn and Holland are also committed to making a difference in their community. They’ve made charitable contributions to New Horizon Ranch, a therapeutic horseback riding center that offers a variety of programming to individuals of all ages with physical, cognitive, social, emotional and learning disabilities.

Holland, who has spent his entire life on his family’s farm, was recently elected president and chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Agriculture Hall of Fame, which “educates society on the historical and present value of American agriculture,” according to the organization. For Holland, the prestigious position is yet another way to give back to the industry that’s given him so much, including a second career as a Realtor.

Just as Dunn and Holland are living their dreams, they want nothing more than to do the same for others. For prospective buyers dreaming of a new home or land parcel, updated listings are available at And for prospective sellers who are ready for a fresh start, Dunn and Holland are eager to share more about how they can help. Call them at (913) 837-5155 and settle in for a friendly chat.

Teresa Dunn and Jim Holland—Crown Realty

Contact: Teresa Dunn or Jim Holland, (913) 837-5155