Nutter: Committed to Home Loans Made in Kansas City and that Stay in Kansas City

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Pictured Jim Nutter: “Customers can expect Nutter Home Loans, under its new branding, to continue to innovate and make Nutter the best place to get your next home loan.”
Pictured Jim Nutter: “Customers can expect Nutter Home Loans, under its new branding, to continue to innovate and make Nutter the best place to get your next home loan.”

Jim Nutter and his family have been on a mission to help local residents buy their dream homes for nearly seven decades, building a legacy of trust and service.

James B. Nutter & Company has recently updated its brand to Nutter Home Loans. The new name reflects the focus of the business and an opportunity to further champion the customer by making the loan process one of the easiest in the country.

Established in Kansas City in 1951, Nutter Home Loans is one of the nation’s largest private mortgage companies, serving customers in all 50 states.

Nutter’s approach to the mortgage business is unconventional. For example, Nutter’s loan officers are noncommissioned. That’s good for borrowers, because many lenders that pay commissions to loan officers pass that cost on to consumers through higher interest rates and origination fees.

Many lenders do not service their customers’ loans, instead selling their loans immediately after the customer closes. Customers often learn their loans are sold away from Kansas City - further distancing the customer from the company holding the loan. But Nutter doesn’t do business that way, and the company has continued to provide generations of families a trusted source to make their loans and keep their payments local.

Mr. Nutter’s mantra - “If a loan isn’t good for the customer, it isn’t good enough for Nutter” - serves as his directive for all mortgages. The company specializes in home loans needed to purchase a house or to refinance it. A popular refinance today is to draw cash from the home’s equity in order to consolidate debt, remodel, create better cash flow and fund other needs. Refinancing a home loan replaces the home loan, eliminating the need for a second mortgage.

Jim Nutter steered the company into the 21st century and continues to innovate. Nutter has leveraged his avid reading, keen business intuition and the latest technology to simplify the loan process, especially for those who make transactions online. He has incorporated many online enhancements such as simplified forms, loan calculators, one-click calendar reminders, chat and text functionality, and social media presence to make loans easier and consumer-friendly.

Nutter’s pioneering foresight recognized that consumers would someday favor mobile-friendly loans. When desktop computers transacted most loans, Nutter rolled out smart technology that helped fuel the popularity of using a mobile phone to start a loan with a few taps. This early adopter mentality has enabled the company to enhance the customer experience and create more timely customer connections. The collective digital updates made the Nutter Home Loans rebranding a timely demarcation to reflect the new, easier methods of doing business, while retaining personal service and consultation with their loan officers and service agents.

Like his late father, Jim Nutter has not sought the limelight. His deep conviction in doing what is right for customers mirrors his philanthropic parents’ strong commitment to ethics and civic responsibility. Long before the subprime mortgage collapse, Nutter was an outspoken critic of the dangerous loans that led to the 2008 recession.

“It was heart-wrenching to see the damage inflicted by so many lenders who had no compassion for their victims nor cared about the effect of these loans going into default, all bundled and tucked into the nation’s largest investment portfolios,” Nutter said. “We could only surmise at the time that those lenders were so removed from the people they were hurting that they didn’t care.”

Working for his father at an early age, Nutter admired Jim Nutter Sr.’s reputation for championing loans to anyone who qualified, regardless of their ethnicity or marital status. “Imagine the courage it took to grant loans to unmarried women and minorities in an era when my dad was admonished for doing that,” Nutter said.

And while the mortgage industry has made great strides in terms of fairness, Nutter points out that more improvements are needed. What bothers him the most about the industry today are lenders who cheat veterans. Jim Nutter, Sr., was a veteran, and the company’s first loan was a VA home loan issued in 1951, at the height of the Korean War.

Nutter has reviewed mortgages made by companies that purportedly focus on veterans and is outraged by the excessive fees tacked onto the loans without the veteran realizing it. “We are committed to a higher standard and answering to a higher power,” Nutter said. “It just makes sense to serve people the way you’d want to be served, especially those who have served our country. We’ve built a business on treating people right, and it has worked out well.”

Nutter’s strong commitment to caring communities is evidenced by his generous support of animal shelters, libraries and many other local endeavors.

“We love Kansas City and have been loyal to supporting Kansas City. We were among the first to buy season tickets for the Chiefs in 1963 when they played at Municipal and have continued to be a season ticket holder ever since. We are also humbled by the loyalty of our James B. Nutter & Company customers - many choosing Nutter for generations,” Nutter said. “Customers can expect under the new branding, Nutter Home Loans, we’ll continue to innovate and make Nutter the best place to get your home loan.”



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