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Geoff Kudlacz, owner of local, family and veteran-owned business Integrity Cash Homes came up with the name in honor of one of the Air Force’s core values – “Integrity First.”
Geoff Kudlacz, owner of local, family and veteran-owned business Integrity Cash Homes came up with the name in honor of one of the Air Force’s core values – “Integrity First.”

Selling a home can be a stressful experience, even if you have done it many times before. It can take on a greater level of significance, and worry, if you are doing it under the duress of a family health crisis, divorce, foreclosure, job relocation, unwanted inheritance, or other situation.

Integrity Cash Homes can help. The company buys homes in any condition, “As Is,” for cash, and homeowners can close on the date of their choosing.

This family, veteran-owned business run by long-time Kansas City resident Geoff Kudlacz (pronounced Kood-Lots) possesses a wealth of experience buying homes in the Kansas City area, transforming them into beautiful new residences for a new owner to love and enjoy.

“We really care about our clients and do everything we can to help them through their current situation,” Kudlacz said. “Sometimes people call us because they have an older home that needs a lot of work and they don’t want to take on the expense or energy to fix it up to sell through the traditional selling process. Other times, it may be a family who needs to relocate quickly due to a career move.”

And then there are the heartbreaking stories - the loved one who must move into a medical/retirement facility. Those who inherit a house after a relative has passed away. The woman who lost her job and is facing bankruptcy. Or a landlord who is tired of dealing with constant tenant problems. “We work with you, no matter your situation, to create a win-win for everybody,” said Kudlacz. “Certain situations can cause enough stress already and we work to alleviate that.”

Kudlacz’s road to buying and reselling homes is an interesting one. While an officer in the Air Force, working as a nuclear missle operator in Cheyenne, WY, he had a lot of down time in between his duties. “I spent the majority of my four years with the Air Force 100 feet underground,” he said, “I worked the nightshift and spent most of my time earning a Master’s degree, learning everything I could about this business.”

Kudlacz also spent that extra time laying the groundwork for life after his military service was completed. Discovering a passion for taking something that other people might pass up and changing it for the better, he chose buying and reselling real estate.

“I came up with the name ‘Integrity Cash Homes’ because one of the Air Force’s core values is ‘Integrity First,’” he explained. “I wanted to bring that into my business, because we’re not in this to just make a quick buck. I wanted to help homeowners that needed or wanted to move quickly, and turn those homes around into something beautiful that another family can call home.”

After contacting Integrity Cash Homes for a brief phone conversation, Kudlacz comes to the home to meet with the homeowner. After a thorough walkthrough to ascertain its current condition and the work that would need to be done, he will make a cash offer within 24 hours of seeing the property. But the visit is far from only a monetary assessment.

“We tell our clients that we’re not real estate investors, we’re problem solvers,” he said. “The first thing we do is sit down with you to discuss multiple avenues to solve your issue. There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for anyone, so we tailor it to your specific needs.”

Another benefit of selling “As Is” to Integrity Cash Homes is that the homeowners don’t have to perform any repairs, they can leave what they no longer want behind, there are no closing costs, fees or commissions to pay, and they can close on the day of their choosing. The company takes care of the rest.

“We want your experience with us to be very personable to help you close one chapter of your life and be able to start a new one,” said Kudlacz. “I grew up in Kansas City and this is my wife’s and I’s home, so we have an emotional stake in what we create here. Renovating your home is a thing of beauty. It benefits the new homeowner, the neighborhood and the surrounding community as well. That’s a very gratifying feeling.”

For more information about selling your home quickly for cash, call Geoff Kudlacz at 816-743-4129 or visit the Integrity Cash Homes website at

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