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As daunting a task as downsizing may seem, it doesn’t have to be. That is one reason Ben Souchek wrote, “The Secrets to Downsizing,” which provides great information for anyone thinking of downsizing.
As daunting a task as downsizing may seem, it doesn’t have to be. That is one reason Ben Souchek wrote, “The Secrets to Downsizing,” which provides great information for anyone thinking of downsizing. Getty Images

Now that spring has arrived, people are coming out of their winter hibernation to start on their often lengthy “To Do” list items. Among them for some is making the big transition to downsize into a smaller home.

According to Ben Souchek, a principle in The Sierra Group, LLC, if you are thinking about downsizing, it’s best to assess all of your resources before taking the first step.

“Spring is a great time to assess whether or not it is time to move,” he said. “During the winter months, we spend more time indoors. As such, we often notice more of the things in our home that need to be replaced or upgraded, which can be costly. This is especially true if you have an older home.”

Whether you are looking to sell due to downsizing, because you’ve outgrown it, due to a corporate relocation, experiencing financial difficulties or a health challenge, or some other reason, The Sierra Group offers the fastest, most convenient way to sell your home “As Is” for a fair price.

The company utilizes private funds to close escrow on a date convenient for the seller, takes care of all commissions and closing costs, can handle any needed repairs, and allows sellers to leave behind anything they can’t or do not want to take with them.

“One thing I’ve learned from my experiences helping people sell their homes and move into a new residence, is that it can be at once exciting and a source of stress,” Souchek said, “and that excitement can lose its luster if you wait until an inopportune time to get started.”

Souchek notes that every seller has different needs, therefore his company places great emphasis on taking the time to get to know their clients and learn about their lifestyle and future goals.

In preparing for a move, Souchek said one of the best ways to start is by making a pros-and-cons list of the top three properties you are interested in and which of the communities where they are located are the most viable or might be more difficult. And, to be proactive by noting the essential items you want to take with you and the things you might want to sell or donate.

Because The Sierra Group is a fully-integrated service provider, they can also help their clients adjust to their new surroundings, especially those who are downsizing.

“Education is key, which is I wrote, The Secrets to Downsizing, which provides great information for anyone thinking of downsizing, whether they have done it before, if they have never sold a house and don’t know what’s in store for them,” Souchek said.

In his almost 20 years in the real estate business, Souchek has learned that every aspect of the selling and moving process needs to be as important to his company as it is to its clients.

“Unfortunately, there are many companies out there that are not so transparent, or do not provide much information to the seller,” said Souchek. “That is one of the reasons why we have set very high standards of professionalism and honesty. It’s among the many things that set my company apart in this industry.”

When selling through a traditional real estate agent relationship, the seller is often given a laundry list of things to do before they can even think about putting their home on the market.

However, by working with The Sierra Group, sellers have more flexibility.

“We can buy their house right away and give the person up to 90 days, or sometimes more, to make their move, whether it be to a community, condo, or a smaller home that’s right for them,” explained Souchek. “Having that flexibility, which you don’t have in a typical real estate transaction, is key and of utmost value to our clients.

“We do everything we can to set ourselves apart in the market and in this industry, and the testimonials we receive speak to that.”

For additional information about how The Sierra Group can help you with your home selling needs, contact Ben Souchek at You can also check out the company website,, or call Toll Free 855-291-5005.

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