Life in KC


Hygge New Year with candles made in Fairway

The new year seems to be all about hygge, the Danish word for finding the simple pleasures in life with people you enjoy by your side. Think mugs of tea and burning candles — including those made by Lainey Lake of Fairway.


Innovative artist housing will be part of KC neighborhood revival

Kansas City has just gotten tax credit approval for three crucial residential projects east of downtown, including a new “arts block” project that will provide affordable live/work spaces for artists. That project is modeled on a successful Chicago development. All three tax credit buildings will provide replacement housing for residents of the outdated Chouteau Courts low-income housing complex.


These are the droids you’re looking for

Looking for a last-minute gift? No matter the recipient, bet they can’t help but smile at Remnants by RJ’s clever robots made of recycled bits and pieces at Flying Pig Local Mercantile in the Crossroads Arts District.

McCaskill and Hawley argue over ACA, pre-existing conditions

Josh Hawley says one of Claire McCaskill's supporters crossed the line by bringing Hawley’s family into the discussion. McCaskill wants her supporters to talk about health care and pre-existing conditions.