This ‘Saturday Night Live’ Angel will flip the switch at the Plaza Lighting Ceremony

Heidi Gardner, the Kansas City native entering her third season as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” will flip the switch at the annual Plaza Lighting Ceremony on Thanksgiving night.

Country Club Plaza and KCP&L, soon to become Evergy, recently announced details for the 90th anniversary of the event, which draws tens of thousands of spectators and kicks off the local holiday season.

Gardner, who attended Notre Dame de Sion, the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri, will follow in the switch-flipping footsteps of fellow local funny folks Paul Rudd, Eric Stonestreet, Jason Sudeikis and Rob Riggle.

Rudd performed the honors in 1998, and Gardner told The Star last year that she was working at Panache Chocolatier & Café on the Plaza at the time.

“We were so busy, and I was making so many hot chocolates,” she said. “All I wanted to do was run over and see him turn on the Plaza lights. I didn’t get to, because there were too many people in line.”

Gardner returned to Kansas City in June to take part in the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend, co-hosted by Rudd, Stonestreet, Sudeikis, Riggle and David Koechner.

As a featured player on “SNL,” she probably is best known for playing Angel, who is “Every Boxer’s Girlfriend From Every Movie About Boxing Ever” on “Weekend Update.”

She also writes and performs for the animated series “SuperMansion” and last year had her first major role in a feature film, playing Melissa McCarthy’s roommate in “Life of the Party.”

Although Gardner no longer lives here, she remains a Chiefs and Royals fan.

“We are proud to have Heidi Gardner join us at 90th Annual Evergy Plaza Lighting Ceremony,” said Kasey Vena, marketing and sponsorship director for Country Club Plaza. “She is a Kansas City fan favorite, and we know she will add an upbeat, fun energy to this year’s event.”

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