Christian Bale looks just like Dick Cheney in ‘Vice.’ Here’s how he pigged out to do it

People are freaking out over how much Christian Bale looks like former Vice President Dick Cheney in the trailer for the upcoming movie “Vice.”

So what did an actor with such a sleek physique — did you see him in Batman’s body-con get-up? — morph into a not-so-buff, balding, bespectacled bureaucrat?

One word: Pie.

You eat a lot of pies. You eat whatever’s handy. That’s what you do,” Bale told Yahoo Entertainment in January.

Vanity Fair called this makeover Bale’s “most haunting transformation yet,” noting how he lost a reported 60 pounds to play “an emaciated insomniac” in “The Machinist,” and “yo-yoed” in weight for “American Psycho” and “American Hustle.”

“Bale might not seem like the obvious casting choice for Cheney,” writes Vanity Fair. “He’s 44, English, and, well, Christian Bale. Cheney, meanwhile, is 77, American, and his silhouette is more Penguin than Batman.”

Christian Bale gained more than 40 pounds to play former vice president Dick Cheney in the upcoming movie, “Vice.” Here’s how he transformed his body to play George Bush’s vice-president. "Vice" trailer screengrab

Dick Cheney, as Defense Secretary, on March 14, 1989. RON EDMONDS Associated Press

Physically becoming George Bush’s wingman required more than just loading the fork and gaining 40 pounds.

“They would shave my head every day, bleach and pluck eyebrows,” he told Yahoo, worried then that his eyebrows would never grow back.

The reaction to his transformation left people — even reporters who used to cover Cheney — dumbfounded as they watched the trailer, released on Tuesday.

“I traveled with Cheney in 2004, covering the re-election campaign for @ABC,” tweeted ABC correspondent Karen Travers. “Every speech, rally, retail stop. It’s *incredible* how much Christian Bale looks and sounds like the former VP. His facial expressions are dead on.”

The movie, which also stars Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney, Sam Rockwell as Bush and Tyler Perry as Colin Powell, opens on Christmas, according to the movie’s website.