Do the ‘Kiki Challenge’ all you want, just don’t dance it this way, police say

KC YouTubers talk about their viral ‘In My Feelings’ gender reveal video

Local couple gathers family and friends for their gender reveal documented with a video. The "In My Feelings" Challenge video went viral on Facebook and has over 94,000 views on YouTube.
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Local couple gathers family and friends for their gender reveal documented with a video. The "In My Feelings" Challenge video went viral on Facebook and has over 94,000 views on YouTube.

The Kansas City area is not immune to the “Kiki Challenge” — this summer’s hottest dance craze set to the tune of Drake’s chart-topper “In My Feelings” with the famous line, “Kiki, do you love me?”

But there’s one version law enforcement doesn’t want to see: people hopping out of a moving car and dancing on the street while the car continues to roll.

“The whole idea behind exiting a moving car in any situation — especially just to be out trying to make a video — is just crazy,” said Tom Tomasic with the Kansas City, Kan., Police Department.

He said he hasn’t seen any cases yet in Kansas City, Kan., but has heard of instances in other states where participants have gotten injured.

“It doesn’t matter where you are or how fast your car is going, you’ve got to take into account all the other people on the road,” he said.

Candice Breshears, public information officer with Kansas Highway Patrol and affectionately known on Twitter as Trooper Candice, tweeted:

“#JustSayNo to the #KekeChallenge! Getting out of your vehicle while it’s moving to dance outside of it…#NoThanks.”

The police, though, aren’t hating on Kiki (or as some spell it, Keke). Drivers on the Kansas Turnpike might have noticed signs that read: “Buckle-up Keke. It’s the law.”

The highway signs are an effort to spread the message of wearing a seat belt, said Kansas Turnpike Authority spokeswoman Rachel Bell.

The dance trend began when a comedian named Shiggy posted himself grooving to the song on a street.

Since then, his dance moves have been reproduced by celebrities such as Sterling Brown, the cast of “Queer Eye,” and Will Smith, who notably gets jiggy with it atop a bridge in Budapest. Drake then posted a music video of the song featuring the dance moves.

Kansas Citians Alexus Reliford and Thomas Jones Jr., known as Lex and TJ by their 200,000-plus YouTube subscribers, are steadily gaining traffic on their “In My Feelings” Challenge/gender reveal video that they posted Aug. 5.

But they didn’t dance outside a moving car.

“That’s just crazy,” Reliford, 19, said. Jones agreed.

In their version, the couple and their friends have a dance-off in their cul-de-sac. Reliford and Jones wear white T-shirts, their female friends wear pink and the males blue. After the dance battle, Reliford and Jones blast pink smoke out of handheld cannons, revealing that they are expecting a little girl.

A local couple hires video professional to produce a gender reveal/In My Feelings dance video featuring their family and friends. The video has gone viral. "In My Feelings" is a song by Drake.

“I think it’s a dope dance,” said Reliford. “Drake made one song and has the whole world doing the dance to it, and he didn’t even create the dance!”

The couple’s video has more than 94,000 views on YouTube and over 650,000 views on Facebook.

“It took a lot of hard work,” Jones, 20, said. The group practiced four times in a two-week period and had multiple choreographers.

In the North Kansas City School District, administration from various schools have also been trying their hands — and feet — at the challenge.

“So, @MaplePrkVikings got us in our feelings,” the assistant principal at Eastgate 6th Grade Center tweeted. “We ARE riding and we’re down for you always!”

Drake and Migos will open their The Aubrey & the Three Migos tour at the Sprint Center on Friday.

Reliford and Jones don’t have tickets for the concert and would love to go, even though Reliford said “In My Feelings” has been overplayed.

“Every time you scroll on social media it’s the Kiki Challenge. It was like, dang, let’s take a break,” she said, then admitting that their video only added to the plays.

A family member in another room shouted, “Don’t tell Drake that!”

“Yeah,” Reliford laughed. “Don’t tell him that. I love the song. I know the words. They’re stuck in my head.”