Crunch time: People are paying Stormy Daniels to stomp on Cheetos

Five things to know about Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels is the 38-year-old porn star who allegedly had a sexual affair with Donald Trump four months after his wife, Melania, gave birth to their son, Barron.
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Stormy Daniels is the 38-year-old porn star who allegedly had a sexual affair with Donald Trump four months after his wife, Melania, gave birth to their son, Barron.

In a new Penthouse cover story, adult film star Stormy Daniels reveals one of the weird things people have asked her to do on her "Make America Horny Again" tour and also offers some insight into President Donald Trump's hair.

Parental discretion is advised — especially if the kiddos like Cheetos.

Daniels, crowned the magazine's new "Penthouse Pet of the Century" in the issue hot off the presses on Tuesday, says a group of gay men showed up at one of her strip club shows in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with bags of Cheetos.

They wanted the woman who alleges she had an affair with Trump in 2006 to crush those crunchy orange snacks into dust with her spiky stripper heels. They offered her money to do it — $20.

“Money was exchanged, Cheetos were scattered, and the hardworking porn star turned international news story ground them to orange powder beneath her high-heeled stripper shoes,” Penthouse writes, according to an excerpt published by The Daily Beast.

Why Cheetos?

The president known for nicknaming adversaries (Lyin' Ted, Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, etc.) has some of his own. The color of his tanned skin, which truth be told can glow a little orange, earned him the nickname "Cheeto Jesus" and a starring role in many a Cheetos meme.

The Cheetos reference stuck. Glenn Beck once rubbed Cheetos dust on his face to do a Trump impression.

But back to Stormier things.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, made a surprise appearance on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend. She appears topless on the cover of Penthouse's May/June double issue, her bosom patriotically, er, strategically covered by an American flag.

Underneath her new title of "Penthouse Pet of the Century," it reads: “Getting Intimate with the Most Wanted Woman in America.”

To promote the issue, Daniels kicked off a new tour of Penthouse Clubs across the country with a stop in Philadelphia on Monday. At stops in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Detroit, according to The Hollywood Reporter, she'll perform and do meet-and-greets with fans.

Stormy nights are pricey nights.

The minimum cost for bottle-service reservations for the Philadelphia shows was $400, which covered up to four people with "reserved seats and a bottle of lower-end liquor like Jim Beam or Gordon’s gin," Philadelphia magazine reported.

"If you want Ketel One, it’s $500, and if you just have to have Ace of Spades champagne, you’re looking at $1,100 for up to four people."

Bottoms up.

Daniels will also sign copies of the new Penthouse at the shows. Demand is reportedly high for the special issue; a second printing is already planned, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This is the second time Daniels has graced the Penthouse cover. “We are really excited to have Stormy back on the cover of the magazine,” Kelly Holland, CEO and owner of Penthouse, told The Daily Beast. “She was a Penthouse Pet back in 2007, so we have a history with Stormy, and she has a good relationship with us.”

Daniels reportedly insisted that the Penthouse photos feature her tattoos so that fans who are well-acquainted with her film work know that they are new photos.

The magazine's executive editor, Mish Barber-Way, told The Daily Beast the magazine's interview "really gets to the heart of who Stormy is, and we reveal another side of her.”

Since Clifford found new fame after revealing her alleged affair with Trump — which he has denied — she's been asked time and again if Trump's iconic comb-over is real.

Penthouse asked, too. Once again, Daniels confirmed Trump's hair is real and that he "chose that" style.

And Penthouse being Penthouse asked her if Trump's fluffy hair, which some have likened to cotton candy, stays in place during more intimate moments.

Offering a fresh scoop, Daniels said it looks "kind of like a drunken cockatoo."

The parking lot of Bucks Wild in Fort Worth, where adult actress Stormy Daniels appeared Friday, April 27. Daniels alleges she had a relationship with Donald Trump before he became president.

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