'That’s red America watching': KC among top 3 flyover cities that love 'Roseanne'

Roseanne Barr, left, and John Goodman appear in a scene from the reboot of "Roseanne," which premiered on Tuesday.
Roseanne Barr, left, and John Goodman appear in a scene from the reboot of "Roseanne," which premiered on Tuesday. ABC via Associated Press

So where do all those "Roseanne" fans live, the ones who helped the reboot rack up a monster audience of 18 million viewers on Tuesday?

Ask your neighbor, Kansas City.

The Hollywood Reporter says the show "really over-performed in Middle America," where, according to Nielsen Media's metered-market ratings, the three highest-rated markets for the show were Tulsa, Cincinnati and Kansas City, in descending order.

According to those ratings, "which show tune-in by households in 56 of America's biggest metropolitan areas, 'Roseanne' scored the highest in ... Tulsa, Oklahoma," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"The country's No. 62 market, with just over 500,000 TV-watching households, outperformed the national average by 60 percent with an average 19.0 overnight rating.

"The market with the highest percentage of TV-watching households tuned into the show was also in the Central Time Zone. An impressive 29 percent of Kansas City's Tuesday TV audience was watching 'Roseanne.'"

The rest of the show's 10 highest-rated markets included Pittsburgh (No. 4); Chicago; Oklahoma City; Detroit; Buffalo; St. Louis and Indianapolis.

The top TV market in the country, New York, was not in the Top 20. The No. 2 market, Los Angeles, wasn't in the Top 30.

So-called flyover country came through big for Roseanne Barr, a Trump supporter on the show and off. It came as no surprise to media watchers or Republican pundits.

On "The View," Meghan McCain, daughter of Republican Senator John McCain, explained to her liberal talk show co-hosts why the show did so well in the middle of the country.

“You can’t underestimate the fact that she’s a Trump supporter in the show," said McCain, who said she "really loved" the show. "I thought it was a pitch perfect take on what a lot of Trump supporters feel, which I’m always trying to explain on the show.”

“She’s talking about jobs and the economy and how her family almost lost her house and President Trump was actually talking about jobs. That’s something you don’t see on television. Most of the time we see how Trump supporters have horns and they’re horrible and they’re ruining the country.

“It’s interesting to see that ‘Roseanne’ scored the highest in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cincinnati, Ohio and Kansas City, Missouri. That’s red America watching.”

The only "marquee city from a blue state" in the Top 10 was Chicago at No. 5, the area where the show is set, Deadline notes. "ABC focused some of its marketing efforts in the region with a preview of the revival at the 54th Chicago International Film Festival."

According to Nielsen, the show's 10 lowest-rated markets included Greensboro, N.C.; San Francisco; Jacksonville, Fla.; Miami and New Orleans.

Trump called Barr to congratulate her after the show's strong debut. She told "Good Morning America" the Wednesday night call was "pretty exciting" and that they had a "friendly conversation about working in television and ratings."

"Roseanne" airs Tuesdays at 7 p.m. on ABC.

Roseanne's 10 highest-rated markets

1. Tulsa, Oklahoma

2. Cincinnati, Ohio

3. Kansas City, Missouri

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

5. Chicago, Illinois

6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

7. Detroit, Michigan

8. Buffalo, New York

9. St. Louis, Missouri

10. Indianapolis, Indiana