Who watches the most porn? Not Kansas anymore

Five facts about who watches porn, from Pornhub.com

In its annual report, Pornhub.com reveals which state watches the most porn and what viewers look for.
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In its annual report, Pornhub.com reveals which state watches the most porn and what viewers look for.

The state of Kansas, which until recently topped the nation in the percentage of people watching online porn, has dropped into the bottom half of rankings, according to a new (safe-for-work) report from Pornhub.

Missouri’s porn viewership has risen slightly to put the state at No. 22.

And Washington, D.C., has more porn viewership per capita than any state in the nation, followed by Illinois, Georgia and Nevada. Arkansas views the fewest pages per capita.

The statistics are part of Pornhub’s annual 2017 year in review, an aggregation from the world’s most popular pornography website. The per capita figures were calculated by dividing each state’s Pornhub page views for the year by that state’s population.

The report also found that of any state, Kansans spend the least amount of time per visit. In the U.S., the average time spent is 10 minutes, 33 seconds. Kansans spend 8 minutes, 58 seconds on average.

Missouri is closer to the average, at 10 minutes 53 seconds. Mississippi spends the most time per visit of any state at 11 minutes 33 seconds.

The website claims it hosted more than 81 million viewers a day (28.5 billion for the year).

In 2017 alone, more than 595,000 hours of pornography was uploaded for viewing on the site — the equivalent of 68 years.

“People are always fascinated by porn consumption; it makes for interesting fodder,” says Pornhub’s vice president, Corey Price.

Some more findings:

▪ Millennials (ages 25-34) accounted for 32 percent of Pornhub’s traffic, the most of any age group.

▪ 76 percent of viewers watch on mobile devices.

▪ The year’s top porn searches were “porn for women,” “Rick and Morty” (spoofs of the Cartoon Network Show), and “fidget spinners.”

▪ The U.S. leads all countries with the most traffic to the website.

▪ The Philippines, averaging 13 minutes 28 seconds, spends the most time per visit of any country.

▪ National holidays and events, such as Christmas, the NCAA Final Four and the Super Bowl, tend to lower porn traffic. Consumption plummeted during August’s solar eclipse, particularly along the path of totality. Traffic dipped more than 35 percent in Missouri and 30 percent in Kansas.

The last time Pornhub reported a state-by-state ranking was 2014. At that time, Kansas ranked No. 1 with more than 194 page views per capita — nearly 30 page views higher than No. 2 Nevada, with 166 page views. Missouri ranked No. 24 with 125.

Kansas 2017 per capita numbers dropped to 188, while Missouri saw a rise to 211 page views per capita.

Washington, D.C., had the most page views per capita with 311; Arkansas ranked last with 137.

Comparing the 2014 numbers to today shows how porn consumption has grown. If Kansas still had those three-year-old numbers, it would rank in the lower half of viewership. And Missouri would rank dead last.

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