‘Take a Trump!’ golden toilets pop up in Kansas City, but are quickly flushed

Zack Mufasa took a break on the golden toilet installation in Westport.
Zack Mufasa took a break on the golden toilet installation in Westport.

Mills Record Co.’s Shaun Crowley looked out the window of the music store and saw a birthday balloon floating in the wind. It caught his attention, but what it was attached to shocked him.

A toilet spray-painted gold was sitting in Pioneer Park on the corner nearest Westport Road and Broadway.

In black stenciled spray paint, it proclaimed, “Take a Trump!”

These golden toilets, by art collective Artfinksters, have popped up around the country since the beginning of June as part of a national installation effort targeting President Donald Trump, probably referencing his Manhattan penthouse decorated in gold.

According to social media posts, the golden bathroom thrones have appeared in Austin, Portland, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Denver.

Kansas City’s toilets were placed in Westport and near the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain. The two toilets appeared early Wednesday morning (Trump’s birthday) and were removed by 1 p.m. by city employees.

“When the city official picked it up, he dropped it and it shattered into a million pieces,” Crowley said. “It was sad.”

City officials did not respond to a request for comment. Shards of the porcelain could still be seen on Friday.

Crowley said he was never very interested in politics, but with “everything that has been happening in the Oval Office” he has been paying more attention.

Employees of the Bunker and the Corner Restaurant, businesses that face the intersection, did not see the installation.

Bunker’s general manager Drew Barr said he was disappointed he missed it and would have added toilet paper (bearing President Trump’s face) that he sells at the shop to the installation.

Because of the time of day, not a lot of people were in the area, and only a few KC posts exist on social media.

“There was nobody over there,” said Zack Mufasa, who stumbled on the installation.

“I’m definitely not a Trump supporter,” Mufasa said. “I think the gold toilet is clever.”

Jacob Gedetsis: 816-234-4416, @jacobgedetsis