Photo editor David Pulliam’s ‘Stuff I Like’: Words With Friends, an awesome recipe, ‘Planet Earth’

That’s a male glass frog in Costa Rica, among the many amazing wildlife close-ups in “Planet Earth II.”
That’s a male glass frog in Costa Rica, among the many amazing wildlife close-ups in “Planet Earth II.” .

Here’s what photo editor David Pulliam is into right now:

Words With Friends


I am admittedly a junkie for this better version of Scrabble, not so far as to risk getting kicked off a plane like Trump, er, I mean Baldwin, but I have been known to be one of those annoying distracted walkers while playing. It is also a great way to kill time in a line or during commercials. Longest word: reinstalling. Highest scoring: quintes for 154 points. My current nemesis is the editor of this feature. I’ll get you next time, Sharon!!

Easy shrimp appetizer


I learned this recipe from a friend about 30 years ago, and it is still my go-to party appetizer and occasionally a guilty pleasure just for myself. I can eat the entire plate in one sitting … buuuurp. 1) Shred  3/4 pound cooked shrimp by smashing it with a fork (the most time-consuming part). 2) Mix the shrimp pulp with a bottle of your favorite cocktail sauce (I prefer Louisiana because it has the most horseradish. I often heat it up even more with some Frank’s Red Hot). 3) Spread a block of cream cheese on a plate with a large spoon. Spread shrimp mixture evenly over the top. Use a cheese knife to spread it over Club crackers, and see if you can stop eating before the plate is gone.

“Planet Earth II”

Ten years ago, the BBC’s original “Planet Earth” was one of the first nature documentary series made in high definition. Now “Planet Earth II” uses technologies developed since, including ultra high definition, improved camera stabilization, remote recording and aerial drones. The series is narrated by Sir David Attenborough, and the images are simply jaw-dropping, often leaving me wondering, “How in the hell did they capture that?” New episodes air at 8 p.m. Saturdays on BBC America.

All things vintage


“They won’t rust, rot or burn,” said a fellow Airstreamer once at a rally near the beginning of my romance with vintage Airstream travel trailers. I view them as Art Moderne on wheels. Also on my list of favorite old things are vintage lamps, bicycles, motorcycles and other “finds” in small-town antique stores or big-town estate sales. The hunt is always on, and my head is on a swivel when I see an old trailer hiding behind a barn, known as a “sighting” among the faithful.

“Hell or High Water”

Even though it received no Academy Award love, “Hell or High Water” was one of my favorite films of 2016. But then again, I am a sucker for any movie that features Oscar nominee Jeff Bridges in a cowboy hat. As a small-town boy, I loved the stark country setting. The action sequences and cinematography are outstanding, especially the last shot of the film, where the camera slowly rises from the weeds to show the desolate West Texas landscape. It is also backed by an awesome soundtrack. And who can’t love a tale of two brothers sticking it to The Man to pay off their mother’s smelly reverse mortgage?

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