Scion re-models: New iA, iM models arrive as no-haggle buying experience continues

Olathe Toyota Scion General Sales Manager Kenny Glasco stands between a 2016 Scion iM, left, and a 2016 Scion iA.
Olathe Toyota Scion General Sales Manager Kenny Glasco stands between a 2016 Scion iM, left, and a 2016 Scion iA.

When the new-for-2016 Scion iA and iM models arrived at Toyota dealerships last month, their aim, like most of the Scion line, was directed at younger buyers.

“It was created to get the younger buyer in the Toyota family earlier,” said Kenny Glasco, general sales manager at Olathe Toyota Scion at 685 N. Rawhide Drive, Olathe. “It is having a great car at a great price.”

But there is one major difference between buying a Scion product versus a Toyota Corolla or Camry.

“At Toyota, we negotiate, Scion we don’t,” Glasco said. “The price you see is the price you get. A lot of people like that. A lot of people don’t enjoy the process of negotiating. The younger buyers want a process that is more transparent, more online to get as much of the paperwork done before they come to take delivery of their car.

“The Scion process is a total transparent process of buying a car. The price on the car is the price that you pay. The price is also posted on our website and all the accessories. You can go to our website, and everything is there. You can go to and build the car you want, the way you want it.”

So when a customer walks into a dealership and sees the MSRP for a Scion is iA is $16,495 and the sticker price for an iM is $19,255, those are the prices the customer will pay.

And in Glasco’s opinion, the customer is getting a lot of car for a reasonable price when it comes to these two new Scions.

“It has a low price point with a lot of equipment like navigation and Bluetooth,” Glasco said. “It has everything that anybody in that segment of the market – a younger buyer – is going to want.”

The iA has been a success at Olathe Toyota Scion even reaching beyond the targeted demographic.

“The ones we sold, we sold right off the showroom floor,” Glasco said. “They walked in, looked at it, liked it and drove one on the lot and drove it to their homes. Of the seven we have sold, two have directly been in that demographic (18 to 35, equally male and female). Most of them have been sold to people a little older.”

The iA is a five passenger, four-door sedan that gets 31 miles per gallon in city driving and 41 on the highway. Glasco said the car is appealing to the eye, saying it has curb appeal.

“Younger people like to be seen it,” he said.

But the appeal goes beyond good looks.

“They could see the value of the vehicle because all the standard equipment in it at the price point of where it is at,” Glasco said. “I think that will appeal to a broad range of people. People want to get a lot of car for the least amount of money that they can.”

Car and Driver ( liked the Scion iA, giving it a five-star rating. In its review, it states the iA is quiet, comfortable and engaging, all for a great price. It’s an affordable car that never feels cheap.

Glasco likes the iM a little more. Its price starts a little over at about $19,000. An iM now sits in the Olathe Toyota Scion showroom floor. Glasco is hoping the same thing that happened with the iA will happen with the iM.

“The iM is just a very sexy looking car,” Glasco said. “You look at it. You want to get in it. You want to drive it and drive it a little more aggressively because of the way it looks. It price point is right around the Corolla. It is built on the same platform as the Corolla. It is a four-door with a hatchback, which gives you a little more versatility as far as storage capabilities.

“Frankly, I thought the iM would sell quicker than the iA. I like the looks of the iM more than the iA. But the price point, the iM is a little more expensive. Almost every iA we have had, we have sold right off the showroom floor. We sold two in one day.”

The process of buying a Scion product, Toyota hopes, will keep the customer for life.

“One of the things that Scion has helped us is to have this different sales process,” Glasco said. “It is not only the car; it is the process.

“I just hope the experience they go through with our dealership is as good as the car because I know the product is going to be.”

Glasco said Toyota has a lineup of vehicles that fits everyone.

“They build something (for) pretty much any segment of life you are going to be in,” Glasco said. “They build something that is going to meet that need in a price range as well.”