KC city manager tweeted snow removal was done; residents point to icy, snowy streets

While Kansas City schools canceled classes for the third day, Kansas City’s city manager announced on Twitter Wednesday that crews have completed snow operations.

In a tweet at 5:30 a.m., Kansas City City manager Troy Schulte announced work would continue to remove ice and slush as temperatures warm, but some snow and ice pack will remain on streets.

Crews would focus on icy intersections, he said in the tweet.

In a tweet several hours later, Kansas City clarified Schulte’s announcement, saying that crews that 70 trucks are in neighborhoods, breaking up snowpack, especially on corners, hills and curves rather than running regular routes again.

People were asked to contact the city’s 311 Action Center at @KCMO311 on Twitter. They can also call 311 or 816-513-1313 to request treatment for specific locations.

People took to Twitter to respond to the city manager’s announcement:

“My kid’s school is closed for the third day due to poor road conditions,” said jenhurst (@hipaaviolation). “Working parents are suffering because of poor street cleaning management.”

“If snow removal operations are supposedly complete, then why are several local schools cancelling class for the third straight day due to impassable roads?” asked Jesse Daly (@wmymainmanmiles)

Katie Sowder (@hikatie) asked, “If you’re still working to remove ice and slush, it seems like that’s still ‘snow removal’ in a abroad sense? Is this just a semantic difference that’s unnecessarily confusing to people?”

Jeremy Eubanks (@JGEubanks) sent a picture of the Autumn Ridge neighborhood between North Ambassador Drive and Green Hills Road and Northwest 88th Street to Northwest Tiffany Springs Road.

“Not one plow not one time,” he said. “Doesn’t look like snow removal operations are completed at all.”

Big Irish Dude (@BigIrishDude) said that “As usual, you didn’t make it to our neighborhood, and we live one block from an elementary school. Any buses going down our street do so at their own peril.”

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