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Sporting KC preseason underway with beep test challenge

Sporting Kansas City has a new preseason beep test champion.

Jordi Quintilla captured the 2016 honor after Christian Duke won it in back-to-back seasons. Seth Sinovic and Mikey Lopez were also notable challengers in year’s past.

For those unfamiliar with the beep test, it is an aerobic fitness exercise used to assess one's cardiovascular endurance. The test involves running continuously between two cones set 65.6 feet (20 meters) apart, with players needing to reach the cone before the next beep. As the test progresses, the interval between the beeps decreases, which forces players to increase their velocity. The highest level achieved before failing to keep up is recorded as the score – Duke won last year’s beep test with a 17-6.

Sporting KC landed it Tucson, Arizona, on Saturday to begin the first phase of preseason. It will begin tournament play during the second phase on Feb. 3 and run through Feb. 27.