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MLS supporters deliver brand new Supporters' Shield for 2013

When the best MLS through the regular season hoists the Supporters' Shield at the end of the coming season, it will be a brand new trophy. One created by the The Supporters' Shield Foundation in partnership with the Independent Supporters Council that will replace the current trophy at the start of the MLS season on Saturday.

Supporters groups from around Major League Soccer worked together to fund, design and deliver the new shield. The original trophy was founded and supported in 1999 by Kansas City Wizards' fan Sam Pierron.

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. You can also listen to Pierron and the Kansas City Cauldron's Sean Dane, also the Supporters' Shield Foundation president, discuss the process and history of the shield on the

Kick The Ball podcast

. They've also established a



The shield, designed by Kyle Stewart and made in Toronto by Award Co., is made of sterling silver and stainless steel. It weighs in at just over thirty-five pounds.

Starting with last year's winner of the shield, San Jose, the new shield will journey with supporters the entire season and visit all 19 MLS teams and supporters.