The Full 90

Changes coming to the blog

Anybody who covers MLS will tell you that the offseason is often far crazier than the regular season.

Well, the offseason is now finally here. And it will certainly bring change to Sporting Kansas City. Lots of change. Players will leave (

some already have some might be

) and new players will come in. We'll get into that, for sure, in the coming weeks.

But the changes won't stop with the team. There will be changes here at the blog, too. Starting on Wednesday, all digital content from The Star will become part of The Kansas City Star Plus. Meaning, unless you purchase a digital subscription to The Star, you will have limited access to our web content. (At first, it will be limited to 15 pages every 30 days.)

If you've got questions -- including the pricing and more specific details -- you should really check out our

Kansas City Star Plus FAQ


Make sure you've read that before The Kansas City Star Plus goes live on Wednesday morning.

What does this mean for the blog? Well, hopefully, it means that people still traffic, read and comment here.

Readership here is pretty strong and the coverage of the sport by this publication is, I believe, at an all-time high. I also believe it's going to grow as the league continues to grow.

Even though I haven't been able to provide the same coverage that I would've liked to this season,* Tod Palmer has done an incredible job covering the team. Seriously, that dude's byline shows up in so many places it's crazy -- he covers high schools, Royals, Chiefs, Sporting and I think he even covers his true passion, Explorers tennis. But he keeps on top of Sporting KC and picked up a lot of the slack that my absence left. A hat tip is also deserved to Sam McDowell and Pete Grathoff who have both contributed to The Star/Full 90 coverage this Fall.

*Some of you might know, some of you don't: My regular, paying job with The Star is the front-page designer. I am able to write and report only as my time allows.

There are other things coming as well to The Star and this blog, but we'll get into those in good time; likely after the New Year. For now, the plan is to keep on providing you the Sporting KC coverage you've come to expect. Of course, there's plenty of soccer besides the Sporting KC offseason to cover too. We've given the Comets short shrift recently (apologies) and there's plenty of news to come about FC Kansas City and the impending launch of the women's league.

Stay tuned and (Shameless plea: Support your local newspaper!) get a digital subscription.