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Why Sporting's start is the best in league history

It’s official: Sporting Kansas City’s 6-0 start is the best in league history.

Well, that’s according to my (ahem) thorough research.

I started by looking back at the other 6-0 starts in league history. The 1998 Los Angeles Galaxy began the season with nine straight victories, but the very first one came in a shootout, so that automatically disqualifies the team from the discussion.

Under today’s rules, that would have been a tie.

The other team to start 6-0 was the 1996 Galaxy. In fact, that sixth victory came against the Wizards at Arrowhead Stadium. LA actually won 12 straight to begin that season, which is really incredible. However, only the first eight came in regulation. Again, there was that cheesy shootout rule.

Let’s just take a closer look at the first game games for the Galaxy in 1996 and Sporting KC this year.

Galaxy: 6 wins, 0 losses, 13 goals for, 5 goals against

Sporting: 6 wins, 0 losses, 9 goals for, 1 goal against

So both teams are a plus-eight scoring. Many people would argue (incorrectly in this case), that the superior goals scored would be the tie-breaker.Instead, you have to give it to Sporting because it doesn’t have a Shue.

Andrew Shue that is.

If that name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because Shue made his name in the 1990s TV show “Melrose Place.” He also played for the Galaxy during that first season, picking up an assist.

While Shue wasn’t a soccer novice (he played one season professionally in Zimbabwe before joining MLS), the fact that a TV actor was playing for the Galaxy tells you something about the quality (or lack thereof) of play in the MLS during its inaugural season.

So there you have it. We are witnessing soccer history in Kansas City.

| Pete Grathoff,