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XI Thoughts: A win is a win is a win

It doesn't really matter if it came against a team depleted of its offensive firepower. It doesn't matter if it wasn't pretty. It doesn't matter if it wasn't a dominating performance from the opening whistle to the last flickering second of stoppage time.

The math is always the same. A win always equals three points. (Unless it's a friendly, of course.) Sometimes a win is pretty. Sometimes it's ugly and dirty. Sometimes it's extraordinarily lucky. Doesn't matter, in the long run. It's still a win.

Sporting Kansas City might not be lighting the entire world en fuego with its play (though it has been the most consistently entertaining MLS squad this young season) and there might be questions that linger about what happens next, but right now, they are top of the table. The only team with nine points from its first three games.

That isn't to say that the problems or the questions don't matter. They do. It's just about perspective. At least to start with.

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1. This was the first real challenge and KC passed it