The Full 90

Could bare shelves mean a Sporting KC kit sponsor on the way?

Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?

Me neither.

But it’s OK, because I’m happy with all the treasures I received. However, my list included a Sporting Kansas City jersey and that was conspicuously missing under my tree. While I received Flamengo and Estudiantes jerseys (I have a bit of a collection), I was informed there was a very good reason for the lack of a Sporting jersey.

My wife went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, but they were sold out of Sporting jerseys. That’s a very good sign, the soccer fan in me thought.

Apparently a salesman there said that Sporting was changing its jerseys again and they wouldn’t have any in stock for a while. Whoa, now that’s interesting, the journalist in me thought.

It’s highly unlikely the team would change its colors or logo for the 2012 season, so I’m thinking there’s got to be a sponsorship deal in the works. It makes sense because MLS commissioner Don Garber at one time said every team in the league would have a jersey sponsor by the end of 2011.

Well, including today, we’ve got five days to go to reach that deadline.

I’m guessing it will pass, but I also believe we’ll see a new Sporting KC jersey next season, one that includes a local sponsor. My heart hopes it will be Boulevard, but my gut says it will be Sprint instead.

As usual, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open and let you know more. Who would you like to see as a shirt sponsor?