The Full 90

Wrapping the regular season as Sporting chases Cup glory

What a remarkable regular season for Sporting Kansas City. I've written -- and you've read -- that statement about three dozen times by now. You'll hear it more, I promise. Worst-to-first in four months. Dug a hole on an epic and gruesome road trip; climbed out with an epic and glorious home stand.

It's an angle that's almost as over-played as the "I Believe We Will Win" chant. (Seriously, don't turn this into the "Tubthumping" of chants. I'm looking at you guys who work for Sporting Kansas City. It's cool. We like it. You like. But, everything in moderation guys.)

So allow me to get it out of my system before moving on to discuss the other accomplishments of this team, celebrate the highs, dwell slightly on the lows, have a little bit of fun and peek into the future.

First off, I am honored to have a media vote for the MLS Awards. It's a task I take very seriously and try to be as objective as possible. I might have Sporting-colored glasses on, but I didn't flood the box. (For example: My MVP votes went Dwayne De Rosario and Brad Davis; my goalkeeper votes went to Kasey Keller/Nick Rimando.) Here's how I repped KC:

Chance Myers was my 1st choice for Comeback Player of the Year