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MLS roster freeze deadline is today

At 4 p.m. today, all signings, trades and transactions must be completed in Major League Soccer. The next time teams can adjust their rosters is the day after the MLS Cup.

Sporting Kansas City has likely one move left,

which would bring in mammoth defender Nick Cardenas -- whom KC drafted in the 2010 SuperDraft. Andrew Weibe at reports that the team is hoping to add Cardenas to the team's off-budget roster.

. UPDATE: KC have signed Kenyan defender Lawrence Olum who has spent the last year with Orlando SC of the USL-Pro League.

With defender Daneil Cyrus and 2011 draftee Konrad Warzycha out for the season, KC would appear to have one open slot.

Quick MLS roster rules recap: Teams are allowed up to 30 players on the active roster. Players 1-20 are considered "Salary Budget Players" -- meaning they are the players that count against the team's $2,675,000 salary cap. Players listed 21-30 are considered "Off-Budget Players" and they do count against the cap -- all Generation adidas and Homegrown players are listed here. Players 21-24 must make at least $42,000; players listed 25-30 must make at least $32,604.

Got it? Good.

By my very rough estimate, KC have 18 "Salary Budget Players" -- a loophole allows a team to leave two slots open to spread the salary budget out over just 18 players -- and 9 "Off-Budget Players." If MLS counts Warzycha and Cyrus as injured and off-the-roster, KC has a slot at the $32,604 level left for one player. Which would be exactly where


Olum could fit.

Being that tight up against the roster rules might prove difficult this offseason -- even if you count on the inevitable departures of Shavar Thomas and Ryan Smith. Of course, we'll dive more into that as the off-season nears.