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Sporting Kansas City earned four points since the last time this feature posted, raising the unbeaten streak to 14 games. A somewhat

fortuitous 1-1 draw with New England

and a very complete

2-0 victory over Real Salt Lake


• With 2 goals,

Teal Bunbury appears to be sorta back to form


• The U.S. unveiled

Jurgen Klinsmann as national team coach


• The U.S. women will

play at Livestrong Sporting Park on Sept. 17 against Canada


The Besler brothers -- Matt and Nick -- took home the first Kevin Gray Awards

as the best male professional and youth soccer players from Kansas City. Gray's daughter, Caroline, was the women's youth winner.

• I was joined by Matt Schofield

on this week's episode of Stoppage Time


• And, finally,

has Sporting finally found its way?

The Full 90 Player of the Week

I desperately want to give it to Roger Espinoza. But the red card just keeps hanging me up. So, instead, I'll go with Teal Bunbury.

He may not have had the same effect on the game as Jeferson or Omar Bravo. He may not have had the greatest offensive game against New England. But he scored two very important goals. Goals that Kansas City needed to score. Fortuitous or not, he was the guy who scored them.

Plus, the Bobblehead Dance after the New England goal is fantastic.

The Full 90's Top Five Comments of the Week

The commenting this week was top notch. Here are my favorites:


Has anyone noticed Teal Bunbury has been wearing LONG SLEEVES all summer? It's what, 101 degrees? He crazy.

Even crazier? Craig Rocastle wears long sleeves all the time in training. Teal sometimes goes sleeveless. Timothy McDowell:

Brunbury kept his feet and body moving as Bravo's pass was bouncing around the box. Check out the previous game, which best indicated to me one of his main faults: he stood perfectly still as teammate's shot caromed off the goalie. Then he moved and came up just short of a rebound shot. If anything, he cannot count on his speed and stride to be his biggest asset. He often overruns the ball because of his speed. He needed to anticipate, learn to control speed and direction, keep the body and length of stride under control. Coaches, your films had to have shown these issues. Where was the coaching the last four months? Or, was there a pride factor involved? Teal, be humble and pick up the trash. Its a living. And, we Sporting fans will love you for it.

Very excellent analysis of the situation in my opinion. Silence Dogood:

"Will Megan Rapinhoe be there?"

Um trav wyrick:

"I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! it was awesome, we won tickets and it was my first soccer game. i had fun, so did my non-soccer fan friend! it was great, i want to go again. I agree with DBR there was a great atmosphere, but no way that attendance is right. There are only 18,500 seats and a decent amount went unused. but nonetheless sporting won and everybody had a good time. 3 points for sporting, we're on our way to the playoffs!"

I love the enthusiasm. Jon Hildebrand:

"Totally agree about a "rival" statement. If there's anything that sparks a rivalry, it's going to be some bad blood on the pitch. Can't wait to see what happens in September @ the Rio Tinto."

I love when commenters agree with me

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