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Kansas City added offense and many "Moving on Up" jokes when they signed

Jeferson as a designated player


The Women's World Cup might not have turned out the way everyone would've liked,

but the turnout at Livestrong Sporting Park's Members' Club was impressive Matt Besler and Omar Bravo are on the MLS All-Star gameday roster.

Good for them.

I wrote about boots.

It made the front of the sports section.

Newcastle United came to town...

and Sporting Kansas City is still undefeated against English Premiership teams


Full 90 Player of the Week


Not so much for his on-field performance (which was relatively strong), but because of what he represents for the team going forward. He's a true #10 and gives KC a creative player to help unlock the opponent's defense.

Email of the Week

Reader Ronald Smith (he's a Texas guy who loves Sporting) made some calculations that he shared with me. He took each team's home and away points-per-game and projected them out to 34 games (17 home, 17 away).

He ran the projections for the whole league, but I'm posting just the Eastern Conference:

Philadelphia Union... 56.29