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MLS fines show how clueless the league is

Major League Soccer announced a series of fines it levied on Friday, and the league came off looking bad.

First up, MLS docked the Galaxy a meager $5,000 for deliberating leaving David Beckham off the injury list before last week's game at Colorado. Gamesmanship? Hardly. Not when the league is selling Becks as a star attraction. The fans in Colorado were flat-out ripped off by the Galaxy's silence on Beckham. (Wasn't he supposed to make soccer big in this country?)

Next was a $10,000 fine for the Red Bulls, who complained bitterly about the worst red card in the history of soccer that was shown to star Thierry Henry. This is another guy who is being billed as a star attraction. The difference between Henry and Beckham is Henry actually seems interested in playing soccer.

If you're a foreign player who is interested in coming to the States, wouldn't you be a bit hesitant about the atrocious officiating in MLS? The best way to judge the Henry red card is by comparing it to Judge Smails in "Caddyshack."

Note the head rub to Danny Noonan (after offering a Fresca):

Here is Henry's "violent conduct" against Portland's Adam Moffat:

| Pete Grathoff,