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TMK: Sporting survives, snags stolen point

I've been trying to think for an appropriate metaphor to lead the Kickoff this morning for

Sporting Kansas City's 0-0 draw in Philadelphia

(and the team's issues this season) and keep coming back to the comic book/TV show "The Walking Dead."*

*There's a joke in there somewhere about Teal Bunbury's recent form, but I'm gonna let it go. I'm sure I could make a Pablo Escobar joke too, but I haven't had enough coffee yet.

It's a book/show not really about a zombie outbreak, but about how the people who remain survive after a zombie outbreak. It's beautiful, gruesome and often a testament to the strength of humanity.

Now, Sporting Kansas City aren't exactly surviving a zombie outbreak (though,

Danny Califf wouldn't require much makeup

), but they are surviving -- even when the deck is completely stacked against them.

Sporting barely made it through the 10-game road trip with a fair deal of scars and bad memories for their effort. And they survived an onslaught in Philadelphia that saw KC register


shots on goal.

My key worry is that you can't just hope to just survive. Sure, it's OK in Major League Soccer to grind out 0-0 results (this was KC's third on the season) and steal points (that's 10 points from road games) -- for a while. But eventually, you're going to have to go on the attack and extricate yourself form the


MLS swarm around you.

How close did KC come to losing this game?