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Is soccer immune to time-shift problems?

Late last week,

Chuck Klosterman wrote an interesting piece for ESPN's new off-shoot website about how DVRing a sporting event lessens the experience

. He's got a lot of great examples (some rational, some irrational) and I by and large agree with all of his points.

Except for how it pertains to soccer. As a married man with only one television set, I have to sacrifice a lot of "live" soccer. For instance, Sunday night is a very heavy TV night for us, so the NBA Finals and Sporting Kansas City games both were relegated to "record" status.

The NBA Finals I found hard to rewatch last night. I think the zipping through the commercials made the event feel less important in some way -- I fast-forwarded most of the second and third quarters because of this, stopping only for obvious highlights.

When it came to the Sporting game, it was a far different scenario. Now, obviously, I'm fairly invested in the outcome of the Sporting game. But, more than that, I found it a rather serene experience.*

*This is when I mention that I still have an unwatched DVR of the USA-Panama game sitting in my queue.

It didn't feel "less" important at all.

Without the commercial breaks and without having Twitter opened, I felt personally invested and immersed in the game. More so than any game but the Thursday night Livestrong Park opener.

Obviously, the result probably factored in a bit. Not sure if there would've been magic time-shifting the Toronto game.

Interested to see what your thoughts on time-shifting sporting or Sporting events? Do you time-shift the game? Does it make it seem less important? Does it not matter?