The Full 90

Don't have a cow man

Sorry I haven't posted anything myself today about last night's game (though, I hope you've enjoyed the many articles from The Star staff).

You'll have to excuse me for my absence: I've spent all morning posting negative things about "The Village" on M. Night Shyamalan fan blogs and message boards.

I mean, I've never actually watched "The Village," but I hated "Signs" and I hear bad things about M. Night's other movies ... so I'm sure that I'm justified in taking shots at it.

But, you all understand. It's the Internet. Everyone has to know how I feel about things I haven't actually experienced.

Okay, let's talk about the game.

Livestrong Sporting Park was loud and great. It's definitely a jewel of a stadium.

Unfortunately, the only two things I took away: A guy in a cow suit scored the first goal at the stadium -- while KC was in the attacking third no less.

The video, sadly, doesn't show the massive tackle a security guard eventually laid on the guy. How did that happen? How did he run around on the field for 1 minute without security stopping him?

The other thing was the horrendous non-call on Omar Bravo late in the game. It was penalty and that was plainly obvious to me (it happened directly in front of me) and I feel reassured watching it on replay.

The only way that's a penalty on Bravo is if he doesn't jump off the ground. Of course, if he stays on the ground, his leg would likely have been fractured in three different places. I guess if given that choice, I'll take a healthy Omar Bravo over the 2 points.

This is Sporting's third-consecutive draw. They'll be back in action on Sunday -- without the services of Michael Harrington and Jimmy Nielsen due to suspension. And, who knows if Bravo will be available, he had to be taken off the field in a stretcher after the game. That would be seven players unavailable (the other four being Sporting's Gold Cup reps Shavar Thomas, Stephane Auvray, Craig Rocastle and Roger Espinoza).