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MLS on the verge of summer breaks, and it's about time

About time. MLS commish Dan Garber this morning noted that too many teams in his league are too often missing too many players, due to international soccer commitments.

Now, obviously, this leaves us with a couple possible solutions. MLS could disastrously ban or discourage players from plying their trade for country. The better solution, however, is the answer to a question long wondered about by many, many fans of this league: Isn't it about time to adjust the MLS summer schedule to allow for international play?

Consider tonight's match, even. Sporting is heading into perhaps the biggest game it's played in years. In any case, this home and stadium opener is huge.

And yet, they'll be doing so at far less than full strength. For pity's sake, they'll probably start Zusi...

The commish's reaction: "We are very close to doing something about the season." He said that breaks were in order. While he didn't define those breaks, the chat was about the Gold Cup and World Cup, so these would be Euro league winter break style breaks, about a month or so.

It's a shame the breaks can't toast July, as it's often too hot to play during that month. But long breaks means starting a bit earlier, going a bit later, and I think, in a league now bursting with SSS (soccer specific stadia, not snakes) why not?