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TMK: How bad are the Lance Armstrong allegations for Sporting KC?

Tyler Hamilton, a former teammate,

told 60 Minutes that Lance Armstrong took performance-enhancing drugs including the blood-booster EPO before the Tour de France in 1999, 2000 and 2001


What does this have to do with soccer? Well, Armstrong is the face of Livestrong, the charity which is plastered all over Sporting Kansas City's new stadium.

If the allegations are true, Sporting just tripped into a potential public relations tar pit. It won't mean the end of Livestrong -- I've heard that Armstrong is just the figure head of the charity -- but every time his name is mentioned the name Livestrong will come up and every time Livestrong comes up so will Sporting KC.

SKC's Sam Pierron re-lives some fond memories of U.S. Open Cup matches from around KC.

Tickets for Farm Aid (Aug. 13 at Livestrong Sporting Park)

go on sale today.

Kei Kamara could miss the June 4 game on national team duty or he might not.

Sierra Leone is in a state of administrative disarray right now.

A local coach selected by the football association has a provisional squad that does not include KC's striker while the coach appointed by the country's sports ministry has Kei in 24-man squad.

Teal Bunbury's agent says there is no truth to reports of European offers. Kansas City Council approved the redevelopment plan at the former Bannister Mall site.

The site was once considered for Sporting Kansas City's stadium. Cerner and OnGoal executives Neal Patterson and Clif Illig are still part of the company developing the area.

Sporting players got to take the field for the first time this week.

You can tell the European season is almost over, several big names have already declared they want out of their current club:

Carlos Tevez 'wants to leave' Manchester City


Arsenal's Denilson feels the same. David Beckham to miss Galaxy match for testimonial game for Gary Neville. No, really.

Norway's top-flight footballers are striking over boots.