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Robb Heineman chat recap

Sporting Kansas City's Robb Heineman was kind (and brave) enough to sit down for a half an hour and answer questions from the fans. Among the highlights:

On the opening day festivities:
"There will be a band at the Plaza beforehand. There will be a Stealth flyover. On-field ceremonies with dignitaries. Former coach Ron Newman will be in the Members' Club. Numerous entertainment aspects throughout the clubs."
On the job security of head coach Peter Vermes:
"We've set pretty clear expectations for the team, which is making the playoffs and competing in the playoffs, and if those expectations aren't met, there will be consequences.

My favorite question came from Courtney.

You've been saying you expect an announcement on a jersey sponsor "in the next couple weeks" for 6 months now. I just want to know if it will be ready before the home opener....what % of likelyhood would you say we have to accomplish that? Please, use normal people math and timelines, not Robb time.
"We're negotiating contract terms. Will be trying to get it done before the opener. Best guess, 50-50."

To replay the chat, go to

. It should be up for a bit.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to ask questions.