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MLS unveils Castrol Index ratings, Arnaud highest rated for Sporting

Well, looky here, Major League Soccer released its first official Castrol Index for the league today. The Castrol Index attempts to objectively rank a player's performance by tracking every move on the field and assessing whether the player had a positive or negative impact on the team's ability to score or concede a goal. It has been in use since 2008.

As you'd expect by their performance thus far this year, Sporting Kansas City don't have many players in at the top. Reflecting matches through May 1, the MLS top five are New York's Thierry Henry (score: 9.14), Seattle's Steve Zakuani (9.16), Dallas' David Ferreira (9.1), LA's Omar Gonzalez (9.04) and Vancouver's Atiba Harris (8.99).*

*Two of the top five have been taken out for the season by rough challenges.

According the Castrol Index FAQ:

"The Castrol Index tracks every move on the field and assesses whether it has a positive or negative impact on a team’s ability to score or concede a goal.

A key factor for all areas of performance in the Castrol Index is in which zone on the pitch the action takes place. Players receive points for each successful pass they complete, but the number of points awarded depends on which zones the ball is passed from and received in. Similarly, misplaced or intercepted passes are penalised depending on how much trouble the mistake is likely to land the team in."

It uses MLS and OPTA data and the highest possible score is 10. The Index will be released the first week of each month of the season.

View the entire stat pack here.

Here are Sporting Kansas City's Top 10 players on the first Castrol Index (through May 1).

Player Minutes Score
Davy Arnaud 419 7.96
Matt Besler 450 7.34
Roger Espinoza 450 7.28
CJ Sapong 450 6.93
Teal Bunbury 303 6.45
Milos Stojcev 400 6.21
Kei Kamara 354 6.08
Jimmy Nielsen 450 5.84
Birahim Diop 276 5.67
Omar Bravo 122 5.63

Only Arnaud (41), Besler (77) and Espinoza (81) crack the Top 100 in the league.

The most shocking name in the Top 10 for KC? Diop! I'm about ready to drop a story about why Stephane Auvray should start over Diop. Auvray logs a 5.02 on the Index! Though he's got 123 less minutes on the field.

The worst rating for KC with more than 100 minutes played? Chance Myers with a 4.59. The worst overall is Korede Aiyegbusi with a 3.63 (this was taken before his start against New York).