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TMK: Bravo's return, Ochocinco's new job and more links

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A lot rides on the return of designated player Omar Bravo. Since his red card and unrelated but subsequent sports hernia surgery, KC haven’t won a game and have only picked up 1 point. As of this writing,

he’s still a “long shot” to return to action this week.

But he is making progress. The team plans to not push him if they don’t have to.

In other Bravo news, in an interview with he said

he is ready to spend the rest of his career in Major League Soccer


In other words, he’s DEFINITELY making more than $170,000 a year. Ba-dum-ching.

Chad Ochocinco has apparently made the decision to give up his dream of chasing soccer glory and give professional bull riding a try.*

I’m not kidding.
*Though, you could argue the fact that he’s not used up his token membership here in KC since the “honor” was bestowed is proof of that as well.

As long as the NFL lockout endures, it’s pretty apparent that this will become his “thing.” First it was soccer. Now, bull riding.

Next, maybe he’ll chase his dream of being an Olympic power walker. Or, he could promise he always wanted to be a competitive hot dog eater around Fourth of July. Then, of course, the siren call of synchronized swimming will tempt him back to the waters from whence he came. Maybe, if the lockout draws on till winter, he answer a challenge from an amateur curling league in South Dakota.

As long as people pay attention, right?

Check out my

deeper look at the Sporting KC salary situation peek behind the curtain at the complex nature of MLS salaries. Welcome to Sporting Seth Sinovic.

The Leawood-native is the newest member of the club.

There's a big announcement at Livestrong Sporting Park this afternoon at 2 p.m. The organizers of Farm Aid will unveil "exciting plans" this afternoon. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, Mayor Joe Reardon, Sporting Club Owner Neal Patterson and Farm Aid Executive Director Carolyn Mugar will be on hand.

It’s time for the Power Ranking RODEO! Yee-haw. Without playing a game this weekend, Sporting Kansas City fell in 6 of the 9 power rankings from sites I regularly keep track of. Sporting KC's average position according to the rankings of, Fox Soccer, Sporting News,, WV Hooligan, Soccer by Ives, Soccer America, Sports Illustrated and ESPN:


And it's only that hight because's Steve Davis hasn't moved them from #9.

If you've got Direct Kick or Match Day Live, you've got a smorgasbord of MLS action tonight. Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Philadelphia Union (6:30 p.m.), Toronto FC vs. FC Dallas (8 p.m.) and San Jose Earthquakes vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (9 p.m.).

I don't have the energy to moan about a top-of-the-table showdown that isn't nationally televised anymore.

Luke Rodgers vs. Landon Donovan, Round 2. Rodgers: Donovan is a ‘prick.’

In an effort to improve sales training, Major League Soccer turned to improv classes.


Reports out of France say Ligue 1 side Paris-St. Germain is trying to lure American Clint Dempsey away from Fulham. Feels like a step sideways to me. Plus, he’s working on legend status at Craven Cottage.

Sir Dave Richard, the Football Association's international committee chairman,

says he was astounded and used "unsavory" language after hearing Jack Warner's demands in exchange for his 2018 World Cup vote says he "laughed like hell" over Lord Triesman's bribery accusations


Attendance for the Bundesliga this season is expected to top 13 million.


Cristiano Ronaldo turned in his astonishing 7th hat trick of the season as Real Madrid put Barcelona’s La Liga coronation on hold for a day.

Barcelona can clinch the title with a win or a draw against Levante today (1 p.m., GolTV/

Also in action today: Inter Milan vs. AS Roman in the Coppa Italia (1:45 p.m.,, Olympique Marseille vs. Brest (2 p.m., Fox Soccer Plus) and Universidad Catolica vs. Penarol in the Copa Libertadores (5:30 p.m., Fox Deportes).

French coach Laurent Blanc has been cleared of allegations of racial discrimination.

(Is it bad form to admit, in light of the accusations, that I’ve always called him Larry White?)

Wow, if MLS ever made a video like this, I would spend 15 minutes watching it. The 2010/11 A-League Blooper Reel. (Hat Tip to Who Ate All the Pies)