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So, there's some kind of wedding this morning or something in England. David Beckham, being the world's foremost "celebrity who happens to play soccer sometimes" was in attendance. He'll also be in attendance as the world's foremost "celebrity who happens to play soccer sometimes" this weekend for the team that pays him some of his fortune in Dallas.

Some people aren't happy about this arrangement.

I say, well, at least he plans on coming back this time. He didn't try to secure a temporary loan to Buckingham Palace.

Colorado's Brian Mullen has been suspended for 10 games and fined $5,250 for the tackle that broke Steve Zakuani's leg.

It's the longest suspension for an on-the-ball tackle in MLS history.

A little background (with video) on Brian Kilmeade

, who will be joining Callum Williams this weekend in the broadcast booth for Sporting Kansas City.

Make sure you check out

our April Stadium Update 57-picture photo gallery.

• Bummer news for Pacific Northwest:

Seattle forward O'Brian White is out indefinitely after surgery to remove a blood clot Vancouver forward Atiba Harris is out indefinitely too after knee surgery.

• In Europa League action,

Falcao scored four times to lead FC Porto to a 5-1 win over Villarreal Benefica tipped Braga 2-1 in the other semifinal.

The United States hosts the FIFA beach soccer tournament (in Miami Beach) for the first time.

Coverage starts this afternoon on Fox Soccer Channel.

• Want to have an epic soccer road trip?

Du Nord's calendar of major North American friendlies could help you plan it right.

Here's an awesome trip if you could pull it off: Start here in KC on July 20 for Sporting KC vs. Newcastle. Hop a jet to the nation's capital for DC United vs. Everton (or go to Chicago for Manchester United vs. Chicago Fire). Then, get yourself to New York by July 27 for the MLS All-Stars against Manchester United and finish it off with Barcelona-Man United in DC.

Of course, if you hate Manchester United, that trip might be torture for you.

Why is Jose Mourinho a bad loser?

• Sad news from Chicago:

Promising young Chicago teen gunned down after Chicago Bulls game.

Remember the heartless and horrible Panamanian owl kicker?