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Stadium Update: Livestrong Sporting Park buzzes with activity

With exactly 6 weeks to go until the first ever game at Livestrong Sporting Park, there’s still a surprising amount of work still to come.

Among the hurdles: The polycarbonate roof on the north end still isn’t on, the seats are still being installed (there are no seats in the Member’s Stand as of yet), finish work in the member’s club is ongoing, several suites aren’t finished yet, the concrete is still going down on the western plaza and the northern exterior wall is still incomplete. This is all before the finish work of cleaning up the dust and dirt that a construction site usually yields.

All of this explains why the stadium seemed like a bee hive on Red Bull. Workers were crawling all over -- literally -- the stadium.

A lone worker was griding the cement floors in the Member’s Club. Crews were placing the roof panels. Electricians were installing wi-fi routers. The grounds-crew were tending to the grass. Seats were being installed in the west and east stands. Cement mixers were churning on the west-side plaza. And all that was just on the outside.

Among the highlights of my tour.

The grass at Livestrong Sporting Park

There’s grass on the field. And it’s glorious.

The field was green, freshly cut. It’s amazing the difference a field can make. The interior space has opened up inside the stadium, the angle of the light casts great shadows on the field. It feels like a proper stadium.

The grass at Livestrong Sporting Park

SPORTING in the seats.

The new team name will be spelled across the East Stand in light blue seats. (The other seats are all indigo.) We double-checked, they’ve spelled everything right so far.

The grass at Livestrong Sporting Park

Arm rests for everyone!

At this point, you’ve seen the seats and thought, “What, no arm rests?” Or, more likely, “Where will I put my adult beverage of choice?” I’m told the arm rests and drink holders will go on after the seats are all installed. So, don’t worry about trying to balance a Boulevard between your legs and nachos on your lap.

It’s the Victory Club now.

The massive two-story club in the northwest corner is apparently now christened “The Victory Club.” It will be sold on a per-game basis right now. It’s, um, really nice. It’s got a wood-fired pizza oven.

New-stadium smell.

The main club areas all have carpet and paint, which gives not only a different, quieter feel inside, but it also helps erase that spackle and sawdust smell of a construction site.

A matter of angles.

What strikes me every time I visit are the really interesting angles found inside and outside the stadium. The dramatic swoop of the room from the southwest to southeast. The aluminum fins that jut out on the exterior skin of the stadium. The steel beams that poke out just beyond the polycarbonate roof. Here are a few of my favorite “angles” at the stadium.

Livestrong Sporting Park

Livestrong Sporting Park

Livestrong Sporting Park

Livestrong Sporting Park

 Livestrong Sporting Park

Work down below.

One of the areas that I could not reach today -- to my dismay -- were the bowels of the stadium. I really wanted to see how the locker room and field-club areas are progressing. Unfortunately, the flooring was going down today and we were kept away.

And, finally, let’s close with a photo.

The grass at Livestrong Sporting Park