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TV shakeup: Victorine off the air for now

There's been rumblings of changes to the broadcast booth for Sporting Kansas City since Sunday night. The first inkling of the coming change came during this past week’s episode of “Off the Pitch.”

Here’s a little clarity: Sasha Victorine will not be providing color commentary for Sporting Kansas City -- for the time being. Sources assured me that he hasn't been let go, instead he will be focusing on other duties within the organization. He will still contribute to the broadcast during the pre-game and halftime shows on KSMO-TV. Just not as a color commentator.

This is effective immediately. During Sporting Kansas City’s game against the New York Red Bulls, announcer Callum Williams will be joined by soccer-fan Brian Kilmeade, who is co-host of Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends."

I’m actually a little bummed by this development. I thought that Williams and Victorine had really started to develop a nice rapport with each other and brought a lot to the viewing experience.

I spoke via email with Williams tonight, and he too felt the pair had really started to click and gain an “understanding of each other’s style.” He feels Victorine hasn’t broadcast his last KC game.

For now, the future after this weekend is unknown. But the team has an extra week (the next game is May 14 in Los Angeles) to sort out the plans for the rest of the season.