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The Morning Kickoff: Wrapping up a crazy weekend

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So much to talk about, so not wasting any time with a preamble.

You know Sporting Kansas City lost. Check out my 11 Questions column for more reactive discussion.

Did you watch "Off the Pitch" last night? I missed it. (It's on during "Treme" and "The Killing" -- my DVR can only do so much.) I've heard a rumbling from a few who watched it

that Sasha Victorine might be stepping away from the broadcast for a bit. this

. Stay tuned. Your guess at this point is as good as mine.

Also something to stay tuned for: Will Sporting appeal the red card for Aurelien Collin? Sources would neither confirm nor deny an appeal was forthcoming, but I've been told that this sort of suspension is very unlikely to be rescinded.

Following the game,

Down the Byline goes after the stats The Daily Wiz goes after the tactics.

Read both.

Real Salt Lake seeks glory for all MLS this week with the second-leg of the CONCACAF Champions League final on Wednesday.

RSL may not have 'stars," but they've got championship makeup.

An analogy that can really put

RSL-Monterrey into perspective here in KC


"RSL is even more financially outmatched against Monterrey than the Kansas City Royals against the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball. The Yankees are paying their players about 5.6 times as much as the Royals this season; the estimated transfer value for Monterrey players is 6.6 times greater than that of RSL."
Recapping the biggest stories of the weekend in MLS: