The Full 90

11 questions after a poor result

Sporting Kansas City lost to Columbus and looked really bad doing it. An inexperienced referee made himself the center of attention, the team reverted to 2010 form and the loss stung because well, let's face it, Columbus didn't exactly look like Barcelona last night.

1. Would you show that game as an example of everything that is right about Major League Soccer?

If an alien spaceship landed in the United States tomorrow and the aliens asked if you could show it the perfect depiction of the American experience, would you show it "The Jersey Shore" or "The Hills"? No. Everyone knows you'd show it "The Deadliest Catch" (cause the alien would think we're all bad-asses).

If that same question applied to Major League Soccer, you go with Portland-Chicago from Thursday night. And you take the video of Columbus-Kansas City and set it fire. Then take the ashes of that tape and scatter them by plane over Western Kansas.

2. How badly does this team need Omar Bravo/Ryan Smith?

Just like a delicious sandwich needs bread, a good offense needs a creative player to make it all work. (The better analogy is probably a car needing gasoline to run, but I'm hungry and went with food. That's gonna happen a lot in this blog.)

Kansas City had TWO shots on goal; none in the second half. You're not beating Columbus with just two shots.

The Crew does one thing really well: Play defense. It seemed last night like Teal Bunbury and Kei Kamara were intent on trying to make a bit of magic themselves. Individual effort isn't going to break down the Crew. It takes a creative player (or two) who can make a pass or a run or a bit of trickery to unlock the defense.

Ryan Smith should be back in some form next week. Fingers crossed.

3. Is this the end of the world?


poorly. One game isn't a trend. It's one game.

Keep repeating that to yourself and it might start sounding true. It worked for me today.

4. What did Vermes say about the loss?

"I thought we had a good first half and we created some very good chances in the first half. Coming in 0-0 at halftime was good being away from home. The goal they [Columbus] scored was a really good finish by Robbie [Rogers]. What he did well was he hit [the ball early]. Outside of that there was one other big save that our keeper made and that was really it. I thought we had some really good chances but I don’t think we ever really tested Hesmer. Credit goes to them [the Crew]. I thought they played a really good game and did a good job."

5. Is that true? Did Columbus play a really good game?

No. Calling anything about last night good is an insult to the word good. Vermes was probably deflecting a little bit. There were three scoring chances in 90 minutes. Columbus scored on one of them. That's approaching Nickleback bad.

6. Did the referee lose the plot?

The Columbus Dispatch mention Juan Guzman in the 6th paragraph.