The Full 90

March update on Livestrong Sporting Park

It's kinda hard for an update on a multi-million dollar soccer complex to get lost in the shuffle.

But, with the Livestrong Sporting Park announcement earlier this month, the beginning of the season and the Chad Ochocinco trial going on this week, that's just what happened. I took a tour with OnGoal's Vice President David Ficklin on March 3 and caught up with him earlier this week. Here's a stadium update for March. (We'll have an April update coming for sure and those will have more pictures.)

There are three notable dates approaching. The first section of curtain wall (glass) around the Member's Club will be installed starting today. The first seats will go in on Monday, March 28. And the most important part of a soccer stadium, the grass, will be laid down over a 2-day process sometime next week or early the week after (depending on the weather).

The Field

The irrigation/drainage/heating system is completely in place. The stadium survived some of March's heaviest rains and Ficklin tells me that the irrigation system is fully functional. A 10" layer of sand and root mixture is being laid over the drainage system right now.

The Seats

The beams that house the seats are going down this week and the first seats at the stadium will be attached next week. (We'll sneak as many pictures as possible and start getting a look from different sections during the next tour.)

The Scoreboards

Both the north and south scoreboards are functional. The installation of the supporting ad panels on each side will be complete by mid-May.

The Lights

If you drive by The Legends and see some lights on in the stadium, it's not because something is going on that you don't know about. The lights must undergo a 100-hour "burn-in period" so that each bank of lights will burn at their prescribed intensity come June 9. If they don't get 100 hours, the lights will not be right.

The Signage

During the last days of May, the Livestrong signage will go on the stadium.

The Plaza

The grading process on the western edge of the stadium site (the Plaza) is complete and hardscaping is the next step.

The Conclusion

Everything is still on schedule, Ficklin said. There are decisions still being made (like when the grass goes down) about the stadium. All-in-all, the stadium is still fairly impressive and the attention to detail (see The Lights) is pretty impressive too.