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Chad Ochocinco never too far from spotlight

The Morning Kickoff is taking a day off. In it's place, "Day Number Uno of the Trials and Exploits of Chad Ochocinco." Or, the "Ocho-sideshow."

If you've been living under a rock, Sporting Kansas City will give a trial to the NFL star/soccer fan. If you've really been living under a rock, Chad Ochocinco is the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver who used to go by the name Chad Johnson. The same Chad Johnson who is a six-time Pro Browler who has competed on a reality dating show, starred in another reality show, become famous for his celebrations and, for good measure, raced a horse.

(For what it's worth, Mr. 85's NFL coach Marvin Lewis isn't a big fan: "How does he do at anything?" Lewis said Tuesday at the NFL owner's meetings. "What has he ever done that he's completed? What circle has he ever connected in any way?")

There are, of course, many opinions available on this "tryout." I've talked to many who are legitimately excited about the attention it's gonna bring and many others who are skeptical that this is publicity stunt that could (and might) blow up in KC's face.

Whatever. At this moment, we can only guess what this trial will be like and how it will end. (I'm going to call it ends by Friday and he won't get a contract, for what it's worth.)

Until we know more, all we've got is a highlight reel of Mr. 85's greatest "hits." I hope you enjoy these as much I as enjoyed finding them.

"I heard he kicks pretty well."
He once raced a horse...
"Ochocinco's first love was soccer."
He's a reality TV star No. 1...
He's a reality TV star No. 2...

I refuse to post the video here (this is either a family publication or I'm not that tawdry), but he had

a VH1 dating show. A potential goal scoring celebration?
His NFL highlight reel
He isn't afraid (to videotape) his hard work