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First Kick Week: Join our fantasy league (and maybe win prizes)

I issue a challenge to you, the readers of The Full 90: Do you think you can beat me in fantasy soccer? Do you think you can assemble an imaginary squad of MLS stars that can beat my squad of assembled imaginary MLS stars?

If you think you can (or if you just want to play fantasy soccer with a group of like-minded people -- read, Sporting Kansas City fans), you should absolutely check out the group (which is FREE) I've started at ESPN's FC Manager. (Yes, ESPN


in fact know that Major League Soccer is starting this week. Of course, they've still got Pablo Escobar on our roster. Hmmm.)

You can sign up for the free game


(I chose ESPN over MLS because, well, I wasn't completely thrilled with MLS' required Facebook involvement and for aesthetic reasons).

There will be a prize for the winner (but, that's yet to be determined).

Sign up. Fill out a team. Brag if you beat me (you probably won't, I'm pretty good).